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Snow Joke

Hmm here we go, 6 inches of snow and the place grinds to a halt. All the schools were shut today and will be shut again tomorrow probably Wednesday too. I had to dig my car out and try and … Continue reading

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November already

Wow I really should post more often here but well I guess I’ve been caught up in work and stuff since I went back and well been busy doing other stuff like facebook :P..Well today I was going to try … Continue reading

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Yes well I am alive, functioning as a human no idea!Work right now is crap someone doing my head in, it’s causing me grief and argh I just wanna forget work so I’ve been playing lots of WoW and CoH … Continue reading

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I really should do my own 6 degrees of seperation

Well it’s been a bit of a slow week not much happening, really nothing…Decorator hasn’t been here all week but with good reason, poor guys mum died last Saturday so he took the week off, quite rightly so but he … Continue reading

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This is the week that was..

Okay update time, I suppose.A zen like peace is now in session, well I had to turn the music down it is late :p.Mother arrived safe and well down south and has been relaxing all week, mainly sleeping but hey … Continue reading

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I don’t know what’s more stressful right now work or home..

Right now I don’t honestly know what’s more stressful…A) Work – trying to figure out where each invoice I have listed in the system is and what it pertains to as well all I have is Invoice number,a name as … Continue reading

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Update time

Okay so what has happened since my last actual post (the 2 below they are side notes).Well let me see, in no particular datal order.I’ve been to the Dental Place – they went to try and fix the tooth I … Continue reading

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The ups, the downs and the downright strange aka My Week

It’s been a while I know, I should post more often but I don’t.So what’s been going on since my last post well the house is looking like it’s been hit by high winds, there is paper missing everywhere, few … Continue reading

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It’s Friday!

Yeah I made it to the end of the week alive, although only just I do feel positively crap to put none to fine a point on it, The boss is to blame as he gave this freaking wonderful stinking … Continue reading

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Crash goes my perfect driving record…

Well I guess it had to happen at some point, you know the inevitable automobile accident. I had mine yesterday, in the works van thankfully – well in a way anyway. I was driving back to HQ from a new … Continue reading

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