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2 down, 4 to go

Okay folks I am alive, just been a bit busy last weekend as well it all came together finally well just about.Sitting room is finally done and dusted although the decorator we got in temporarily won’t be getting back as … Continue reading

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It’s Friday and I’m again not out anywhere….

I was meant to be going to see “Vantage Point” but my friend called off not at the last minute but 1st thing this morning when she came into the office. Now her excuse, she didn’t think she had enough … Continue reading

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… The End seems near, maybe / other stuff…

Well the title says it all really, the end is coming, how soon I don’t know but right now it’s not a pretty sight, I mean there wasn’t much to my dad as it was but now there is even … Continue reading

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It’s Friday!

Yeah I made it to the end of the week alive, although only just I do feel positively crap to put none to fine a point on it, The boss is to blame as he gave this freaking wonderful stinking … Continue reading

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Ratatouille – Finally Saw it

I finally managed to get to see Ratatouille at the weekend. I came out on October 12th over here but I took me to last Saturday to actually get time to see it. I was meant to be going to … Continue reading

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….And I thought mp3 was a simple music format

I was of course wrong, it was a relatively simple format when all you had was fixed bitrates and a simple 128 byte v1 tag that was always at the end of the file, then came Variable bitrate formats and … Continue reading

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