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Post Christmas Post

Sorry couldn’t resist the title, well another week over and done with I suppose.So what did I get given to me:Another bleeding winter car care kit – like I need one of those, still got the last one :P, 2 … Continue reading

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An a week on…..

Well a week on and it’s all change.Mum got home on Monday much to me and my sister’s surprise, she’s still not 100% and is getting frustrated because she can’t get out the word she really wants to say. Social … Continue reading

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Time for an update

Loading Data……..Date: 14/12/07 error #03 – incorrect date found date isn’t 13/12/07 (N/y)? yDate update completed, data updated.Yeah I think I lost a day somewhere not sure actually it this could be any day this week they are all kinda … Continue reading

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Here, There and somewhere else

Okay a recap of the last fortnight with me and what freaking fortnight it’s been, that’s 2 weeks for those that don’t understand :P.Well since mom’s little slip she was fine the first week, work was okay as well getting … Continue reading

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Life – Update!

Well the past 2 weeks have gone where I don’t know but gone some place and now I’m finally on holiday hurrah!To update those of you who are interested…….My dad had more tests and another x-ray taken the other day … Continue reading

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