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Lift Up Your Eyes – A Series about Soul Winning

1. The “What” of Soul Winning (Jn 4:33-35).  Soul winning is the practice of trying to lead another person to Jesus Christ for salvation. Pro 11:30 ~ Evangelism. 2. The “Why” of Soul Winning  Jn 1:40-50 (40-42),(43-44),(45-50), Jn 4:25-26 ~ … Continue reading

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A Biblical Worldview Pt II…

I. Why Does A Biblical Worldview  Matter ? (Deuteronomy 11) A. We know what God has  done  (Deut. 11:1-7) – Jn 17:14, II Tim 1:9. B. It is what brings   blessing  (Deut 11:8-15) – Ps 37:3-5, Jas 1:5, Ps 119:37-39, II Tim 3:1-7, II Cor 1:3-5. … Continue reading

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A Biblical Worldview…

I. What Is A Worldview? A. It is how we see and how we determine what is Reality B. Different types of Worldviews 1.  Naturalism  – The material universe is all that exists. 2. Panthesim  – Only the spiritual dimension exists. All … Continue reading

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Ah what a difference a day makes, or rather a fortnight. I can smile more okay there are times still when I feel down but these are fewer. So I think just maybe the “stuff” I’m taking is working. Yes … Continue reading

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I guess it’s meant to be

Okay now this is a strange one, anytime I’ve went to be like served some place I seem to get someone called Laura, no seriously i do. I went into the bank at the end of last month to put … Continue reading

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I think there is a tiny piece of tooth left in my gum and it’s fricking annoying me, you know that. If I thought I could get the sucker out I would but it seems firmly attached and well like … Continue reading

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It’s a little better now..

Well it’s a little better now the thing still annoys slightly but I was told it would for the next few days as for Jack n Capt. M. well I do like ’em both shame I can’t think of a … Continue reading

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Ouch, ouch, hmm concentration level 0 – well that was last night, I did manage to sleep how I don’t now – I think I can thank 400mg Ibuprofen for that numbed it enough.I phoned my dentist or the one … Continue reading

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Why, oh why is it when you go shopping you always end up getting things you need yet you get other things that you didn’t realize you needed or are on offer and when you get to the checkout with … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again. What you mean you didn’t know, you been living in a cave for the past month. If you’ve forgotten it might not be too late you know might just be able to get something.Now … Continue reading

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