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Post Valentines Day Post

Well it was last Saturday but I kind of forgot to post then, lets see how exciting the past few weeks have been…Well we have the new car, nice isn’t it. Mother fell again, all I heard was the thud … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2009

Well folks it’s now 2009, not the 13th month of 2008 just so you know…Hmm I got a few things for Christmas, not much but then again I wasn’t expecting much. Christmas was interesting, I got to set up my … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to one and all (Part 2)

Now after I finished that post I realised I had probably left people out. Now I have not deliberately though..Now here I do hope to change that, I missed out many of my CL:1 friends and real life friends….. To … Continue reading

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One Brave Teenager

I normally don’t write 2 posts in a day but this story touched me..A 13 year old girl who had a rare form of leukemia diagnose when she was 5 and the resulting treatment left her with heart problems has … Continue reading

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I got a networking issue..

Hmm my normal connection to the net is being temperamental, no not the actually connection from my modem to the net but the connection from this computer to said modem / router as it’s well dropping data packets which is … Continue reading

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can we say ouch! update

Okay I tried the dentures in for 4-5 days but nope they ain’t working to smart, taking them out causes great pain as the right hand one of the 2 metal clips that are on it, that clip over existing … Continue reading

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How Kind….

Someone did a good piece on the death of Paul Newman, he could fit into any role and make it his own, yet his first oscar was for the “Color of Money”…Now I was reading the newspaper today and came … Continue reading

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Yes well I am alive, functioning as a human no idea!Work right now is crap someone doing my head in, it’s causing me grief and argh I just wanna forget work so I’ve been playing lots of WoW and CoH … Continue reading

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so what have I been upto then…

I know I’ve be some what complacent in regard to posting here and reading other peoples blogs, Laura sorry sweetie, Moogie, Barb, Carmi & a few others I do get around to reading yours eventually… Call it the 5hr time … Continue reading

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2 down, 4 to go

Okay folks I am alive, just been a bit busy last weekend as well it all came together finally well just about.Sitting room is finally done and dusted although the decorator we got in temporarily won’t be getting back as … Continue reading

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