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November already

Wow I really should post more often here but well I guess I’ve been caught up in work and stuff since I went back and well been busy doing other stuff like facebook :P..Well today I was going to try … Continue reading

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Now it’s totally finished…

Well this is really just a short, short update to say yeah the house is now totally and utterly finished everything is in it’s place and as soon as I can I’ll try and put some photos up, pre / … Continue reading

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so what have I been upto then…

I know I’ve be some what complacent in regard to posting here and reading other peoples blogs, Laura sorry sweetie, Moogie, Barb, Carmi & a few others I do get around to reading yours eventually… Call it the 5hr time … Continue reading

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2 down, 4 to go

Okay folks I am alive, just been a bit busy last weekend as well it all came together finally well just about.Sitting room is finally done and dusted although the decorator we got in temporarily won’t be getting back as … Continue reading

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I really should do my own 6 degrees of seperation

Well it’s been a bit of a slow week not much happening, really nothing…Decorator hasn’t been here all week but with good reason, poor guys mum died last Saturday so he took the week off, quite rightly so but he … Continue reading

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My Week / 6 degrees

Here is my real post for today..So what’s been really been happening since my last post on the house.Well the Painter did come in last Saturday and start doing some work has been here all week, the hall, staircase and … Continue reading

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I’d rather be…

Well I’d rather be someplace else right now than here, although the painter is meant to start THURSDAY!!, mum arrives back on Sunday. Need I say anymore?Sanity rating: – error – Oh great my sanity meter has broken again!Yeah, I … Continue reading

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And so it Ends, yet so it Begins I think!

Ok time for that weekly update, I will dear reader try to post more, I know, I know I keep saying that!Okay so what’s begins and what’s ended I here you say…Well my dear colleague at work has decided she … Continue reading

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Update time

Okay so what has happened since my last actual post (the 2 below they are side notes).Well let me see, in no particular datal order.I’ve been to the Dental Place – they went to try and fix the tooth I … Continue reading

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The ups, the downs and the downright strange aka My Week

It’s been a while I know, I should post more often but I don’t.So what’s been going on since my last post well the house is looking like it’s been hit by high winds, there is paper missing everywhere, few … Continue reading

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