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What do I do now?

Okay I’m firmly at a loss here….I pretty much live my own life even although I stay in my mum’s house, I wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, and then sit at the PC and then sleep..I … Continue reading

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Thank You

I’d like to thank 3 lovely ladies on behave of my dear sweet mum, your gift arrived today and it’s lovely, it will be cared for tenderly and will hopefully bring joy for at least a few months / years … Continue reading

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The ending of a chapter…

Well that’s it over and done with, dad’s in heaven now. The service was lovely minister did us proud, reminding us of how he was, not how he was at the end. So many faces I haven’t seen in years … Continue reading

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My Dad 4/3/33 to 22/3/08 – Rest in Peace

Well it’s finally over I think I knew that last night as I wrote the post, I knew he didn’t have long, he died this morning at around 3am, I think I’m still not sure, he went peacefully in his … Continue reading

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. … .. .. ……..Error data missing, restore from backup(y/n)?yError backup not found / corrupted, attempting to repair / find..Unable to find / repair data, giving up!Fatal error in Life.sys, reload..Yeah uhuh that’s just about maybe roundabout where I am … Continue reading

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It’s Friday and I’m again not out anywhere….

I was meant to be going to see “Vantage Point” but my friend called off not at the last minute but 1st thing this morning when she came into the office. Now her excuse, she didn’t think she had enough … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dad

Well today is Dad’s birthday, probably his last but you never know, he has this darn stubborn streak a mile wide..what can I say 75 today, About all I can say really 🙂 Well that and I better scoot off … Continue reading

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Happy Monday

Hey people, yeah it’s a Happy Monday why!No bullshit from the sister today or for a while now she must be freaking learning..Although on another note I think I’m going to have to let them in on a little secret … Continue reading

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Devil – Deep Blue

Hmm feel like I fucking stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea here aka the rock and a hard place.Just as I was about to leave on Friday, boss asked to have a word..Thought?????He ripped into me saying … Continue reading

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Wading through the BS!

Okay, meant to post this yesterday but well forgot and well it’s incredible really…Okay mum did get shouted but only because she shouted at my sister 1st saying my dad was hungry, reply why not making him a sandwich – … Continue reading

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