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The Last 6 months in reflection..

Well let me see been a long time since the last post so here goes me trying to remember all that’s gone on. I helped out more in church helped keep things running smoothly. I started work at the end … Continue reading

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Yeah, that’s right our poor surely demented by now decorator has finished the house, all that needs doing now is the new carpet laid in the spare room, the new shower screen to go up, a items to swapped over … Continue reading

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2 down, 4 to go

Okay folks I am alive, just been a bit busy last weekend as well it all came together finally well just about.Sitting room is finally done and dusted although the decorator we got in temporarily won’t be getting back as … Continue reading

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I’d rather be…

Well I’d rather be someplace else right now than here, although the painter is meant to start THURSDAY!!, mum arrives back on Sunday. Need I say anymore?Sanity rating: – error – Oh great my sanity meter has broken again!Yeah, I … Continue reading

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And Then . . .

And then there was a week where 0 happened… Serious 0 happened last week, the decorator appears to be MIA somewhere else, didn’t book him so can’t confirm or deny he actually said he’d come but I have his number … Continue reading

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This is the week that was..

Okay update time, I suppose.A zen like peace is now in session, well I had to turn the music down it is late :p.Mother arrived safe and well down south and has been relaxing all week, mainly sleeping but hey … Continue reading

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I don’t know what’s more stressful right now work or home..

Right now I don’t honestly know what’s more stressful…A) Work – trying to figure out where each invoice I have listed in the system is and what it pertains to as well all I have is Invoice number,a name as … Continue reading

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Update time

Okay so what has happened since my last actual post (the 2 below they are side notes).Well let me see, in no particular datal order.I’ve been to the Dental Place – they went to try and fix the tooth I … Continue reading

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The ups, the downs and the downright strange aka My Week

It’s been a while I know, I should post more often but I don’t.So what’s been going on since my last post well the house is looking like it’s been hit by high winds, there is paper missing everywhere, few … Continue reading

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So what’s happening at Chez Gopher, well let me tell ya my sisters are taking over or it just seems that way…My Aunt’s been up for 2 weeks so bliss the minimalistic amount of cooking not that it actually bothers … Continue reading

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