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The Last 6 months in reflection..

Well let me see been a long time since the last post so here goes me trying to remember all that’s gone on. I helped out more in church helped keep things running smoothly. I started work at the end … Continue reading

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The catch up thread

Okay I do apologize for not posting this past week but well I’ve been busyI’ve had my aunt up for the week and I’ve sorry but I’ve probably updated people on Facebook more often…Well Tuesday was mum’s birthday, I won’t … Continue reading

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My Week / 6 degrees

Here is my real post for today..So what’s been really been happening since my last post on the house.Well the Painter did come in last Saturday and start doing some work has been here all week, the hall, staircase and … Continue reading

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That is all…

Okay I’ve decided this blog is no longer relevant as well I think you know all you need to know about me, my life is non-existent etc so thus no point in having this here now is there…. That is … Continue reading

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Time for a change?

Okay, I don’t know about you but I’m bored with the current colour schemes, the layout’s fine maybe just needs a few things moved / changed or actually do I really need a blog at all or just a total … Continue reading

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