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Situation: Vacent!

This is an automated message, the owner of this blog is currently unavailable….NO not really, but well it kinda does sum up roughly, approximately where I am at present.That place is somewhere, at least I’m sleeping a bit better (without … Continue reading

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I think there is a tiny piece of tooth left in my gum and it’s fricking annoying me, you know that. If I thought I could get the sucker out I would but it seems firmly attached and well like … Continue reading

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It’s a little better now..

Well it’s a little better now the thing still annoys slightly but I was told it would for the next few days as for Jack n Capt. M. well I do like ’em both shame I can’t think of a … Continue reading

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An a week on…..

Well a week on and it’s all change.Mum got home on Monday much to me and my sister’s surprise, she’s still not 100% and is getting frustrated because she can’t get out the word she really wants to say. Social … Continue reading

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Here, There and somewhere else

Okay a recap of the last fortnight with me and what freaking fortnight it’s been, that’s 2 weeks for those that don’t understand :P.Well since mom’s little slip she was fine the first week, work was okay as well getting … Continue reading

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How do you top off a shitty week? (Additional)

Well I was told they can’t operate but now I’m led to believe they might be able, he just needs to boost his weight a little, hmm he’s less than 7 stone (98lb) so hmm we’ll see, the specialist he’s … Continue reading

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Blog Fodder – "Define your musical tastes in 10 songs." Additional

I know it’s over a week since I posted the original post but don’t mind me :P.I haven’t really included any classical pieces although I do listen to them sometimes although my favourites have to be Pachebel’s Canon in D … Continue reading

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