Lift Up Your Eyes – A Series about Soul Winning

1. The “What” of Soul Winning (Jn 4:33-35).

 Soul winning is the practice of trying to lead another person to Jesus Christ for salvation. Pro 11:30 ~ Evangelism.

2. The “Why” of Soul Winning 

Jn 1:40-50 (40-42),(43-44),(45-50), Jn 4:25-26 ~ 39-40.

A. Because of the  Command  of Christ – It is repeated 5 times – Mk 16:15-16, Matt 28:18-20, Lk 24:46-47, Jn 20:21, Acts 1:8 – Obedience proves our Love – Jn 4:13.

B. Because of the  Condition  of Man – Rm 5:12 – Man is born a sinner, Man is on his way to an eternal Hell – Ps 14:1-3, Rev 20:14-15.

C. Because of the  Celebration  it Brings. (On Earth, In Heaven). Ps 126:5-6 , Isa 53, Acts 8:26-39, Lk 15:7.

…. To be continued ….

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