A Biblical Worldview…

I. What Is A Worldview?

A. It is how we see and how we determine what is Reality

B. Different types of Worldviews

1.  Naturalism  – The material universe is all that exists.

2. Panthesim  – Only the spiritual dimension exists. All else is illusion.

3. Theism  – An infinite, personal God exists. He created a finite, material world. Reality is both material and spiritual.

4. Spiritualism  and Polytheism – The world is populated by spirit beings who govern what goes on. Gods and demons are the real reason behind “natural” events.

5. Postmodernism  – Reality must be interrupted through our language and cultural “paradigm.” Therefore, reality is “socially constructed.”

Ps 46:10, Isa 45:22, Isa 46:9, Gen 1:1.

II. Having a Biblical Worldview. (Joshua 24:14-15)

A. Remember what God has  Done  in the past.

1. God  Directs  (Joshua 24:1-5) ~ Rom 10

2. God  Protects  (Joshua 24:6-13)

B. Commit to Following  God. ~ Ps 12:6, Jn 17:17

1. It is a Personal  choice (Joshua 24:15)

2. It is a Public  choice (Joshua 24:16,21,24)

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