The Last 6 months in reflection..

Well let me see been a long time since the last post so here goes me trying to remember all that’s gone on.

I helped out more in church helped keep things running smoothly.

I started work at the end of July, it came at the right time… I work at Walmart – it’s a job, it pays me money, I work hard at it..

I got to see where my wife grew up on our Wedding anniversary, got the week off work which was a total blessing, what wasn’t a total blessing was a phone call from home about my mum who I knew was ill but just didn’t know how ill until then, suspected cancer, later proven to be correct and stage 4, liver and a few other spots.

My wife and I’s birthdays got celebrated it was fun, a day away from working.

October brought the warmer weather and a trip home to see my mum one last time, it was almost like she was waiting for us.. Also this month our church’s Annual Missions Conference which I didn’t get to much off due to work. Sunday’s find me mostly working in the afternoon..

November brought the churches Annual Men’s Conference, which went smoothly thanks to feedback from last year and me working some coding magic to make it go way smoother… Mum’s cancer spread to her brain and she wasn’t the same couldn’t really speak with her as facts were getting mixed up enough more and it hurt.

So here we are in December, it’s cold here now, not ice n snow cold but cold enough for a little frost, it’s also the time my mum passed away, the cancer had gotten everywhere and finally got her…

As for the rest of the Month who knows…..
Next Year we shall see..

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