March already

Ok, where did the last three months go? They seemed to go fast, slow, fast, fast, fast.
Hard to believe it’s March already, I guess that is what happens when real life gets in the way of a blog :P, well that and Facebook. I don’t ever intend to link between the two either, several of my friends do and they sometimes the post update works other times it doesn’t and you can get your blog reported on facebook. Not for me let me tell ya.
I’m still in Scotland although for how much longer I don’t know, I’m moving to the US that is now a given, when is the big question now. It’s getting the visa, a job, a place to stay, and all that in the current climate, not going to be easy, I’ll just have to pray it works out.
I’m fine, although Dad’s birthday is tomorrow, hard to belive it’s almost 3 years since he passed away. Time to be strong again for mom and my girlfriend, well girlfriend for now, I just need to ask something then get the K-1 Visa train moving…
Until next time.

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2 Responses to March already

  1. Anonymous says:

    So…you're coming to visit the O.C. in September? So happy for you, for having found the love of your life. And of course, I'm happy for my friend too, Jenn. Well, I do pray that your visa gets worked out! Oh, and “mi casa es su casa,” look it up, that's your homework 😀

    Your sister in Christ,


  2. mobin says:

    sir, good blog site. thanks a lot.

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