Is it really August already!

Wow what a quick year it’s been so far..
I do suppose that comes from being in Love with the most wonderful girl in the world.

I loved the 12 day holiday even through the jetlag which Hit me big style the first few days..
So a recap (for those who don’t follow me on Facebook :P)
I left the UK on 2nd July at lunchtime landed in LA via NY at around 9pm PST (5am my time)… Long day, I did get some sleep on the plane and I wasn’t nervous flying for the 1st time either :D.
I landed and was met by my lovely, beautiful girlfriend and a mutual friend of ours was great. To the Hotel.

Saturday 3rd July:
Santa Ana Independence Day event – Didn’t get there for right at the start so missed a bit of the Guy who was playing George Washington’s speech but it was really good. Got to met a real live true American Marine who is now also been ordained as a Pastor in the baptist faith, Amen to that. Got to meet a lot of people it was all a bit of a blur with faces and names, but it was good.
That evening went to Balboa Island, that was fun, the power was out so we didn’t go to the place we had planned we went to the one along the coast at Huntingdon Beach – Ruby’s man that burger was tasty, I fell asleep 😛

Sunday 4th July:
My Independence Day – Church in the morning, early morning so I got to hear the choir practice, I’d been watching the services online for about 6 months but this was far better 😀 Service was much better up close and in person, Pastor Thomlinson does great sermons.. He always asks at the end when we are heads down, eyes closed praying to God, if anyone thinks if they died tomorrow they weren’t sure they’d go to heaven to raise their hand. I wasn’t 100% sure so hand went up… That was my independence day – the day I got Saved. Amen to that.
There was a BBQ lunch at the church too and well that was the news around the table met with thumbs up and congratulations all round. The afternoon service was moved since it was the 4th July so people could go see / set of firework, good service too 😀
That evening got to see some upclose and personal fireworks – totally safe but still spectacular.

Monday 5th July:

I took the day off as well the jetlag had caught up with me and I just lazed around caught up on facebook and chatted to my beautiful girl 🙂
Also went to a local art show was really interesting “Living Art” don’t ask me how they did it – I’m still working it out.

Tuesday 6th July:
To the local zoo with a family I’d get to know well but first the cake..
I got made a most beautiful cake done like an American Flag with the strawberries for stripes and blueberries for the other part. I also got a lovely homemade rocket done by the 2 boys, great kids too they were so excited to meet me :), their little sister it took more to impress her.. So of to the local zoo with them we went it was great got photos and got to feed the animals and pet them in the petting zoo part they had. Then Lunch and that cake it was delicious :).
Oh did I say my girl is beautiful, okay maybe once more.
Dinner that night was at Pastor’s house, and his wife can cook, yum..

Wednesday 7th July:
Did some work in the classroom, making up picture CD’s, all day had lunch was yum and spending time with my girl XXX.
That night I was initiated in to Patch Club which is for kids – keeps them occupied while mom and dad are at the Wednesday night service. Man was I tired out after that.
But I still had enough energy to cook dinner that night – yes I did cook.

Thursday 8th July:
Hmm a little more time alone with my girl, then to the airport to pick up her mom who was flying in to meet me:D We got on great which is a bonus I’m sure will come in handy later.. We did dinner this time my girl and her mom cooked was yummy I went for seconds. We then went to Downtown Disney to see the Fireworks show 😀

Friday 9th July:
A visit to the park for lunch and a visit to the local art museum eye opening what people want you to pay for art is all I will say. Got some Professional Photos done that afternoon / evening was great.

Saturday 10th July:
An afternoon BBQ at a friends was great:D I could do that all the time, someone picks a place and cooks and sometimes I cook, saves cooking all the time and is fun, wait too late some TV station probably already does that..

Sunday 11th July:
Back to church but this time to Class, Couples Class to be exact there is a reason for this as I was sneaking out early to get in position for something real special.
It was a special day anyway the 34th Anniversary of the Church and I made it extra special by choosing the day to get Baptised and show my commitment to following Jesus Christ our Lord. Was a spectacular day I had lunch with my beautiful girlfriend and we finished off doing the CD’s we’d started..
Sunday Evening’s Service was great too.

Monday 12th July:
Almost time for me to head home but 1 last blast to somewhere nice
San Diego Zoo – how anyone can claim to be able to go round this in 1 day it’s huge I mean the map is on A3 or maybe even a A2 sheet. I got to see maybe half the zoo in the time I was there which was most of the day.I shot loads of photos here too. With my girl all day just us was GREAT.

Tuesday 13th July:
Last full day in paradise 😦 brunch, some more photos done this time by our mutual friend 🙂 and for dinner Pho Noodle – spicy but yummy:D and some more time alone with my girl to just talk over the holiday and stuff.

Wednesday 14th / Thursday 15th July:
I flew out of LA at 1pm but needed to be there for like 10am so we got to the airport said our SAD goodbyes 😦 I tried not to cry it was hard. The plane journey was LONG, way long as it landed at 7am UK time never doing that flight again!

It took my about 5 days to get over the jet lag and I miss not being able to just give my girl a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

The future – God alone knows what lies there for both of us.

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