I’m ……….

with a wonderfully kind, funny, caring, smart, beautiful and sweet young lady.
Oh just to prove God has a sense of humor about all this, the lady in question is from Orange County, California.

I’m in the midst of re-decorating / re-designing my room.

I’ve started going back to church.

Life right now is good, life right now is great.

To do: Passport get one, Tickets to OC, CA, USA, visa, spending money and all that
Am I nervous – yes.
Oh Reason I’m not here much is well I have facebook seems much quicker way of keeping up with people 😉

Since I never post, long posts.
I had to switch off the haloscan commenting as they are having hardware issues and are discontinuing the system they are switching to another system but I decided to export and just drop it 😀

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One Response to I’m ……….

  1. Hope it works out with the new girl!

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