Back to Work I guess

Well been back 2 days and I wish I had never taken a holiday or I had left instruction using words of 1 Sybille or less, I kid yeah not..
Had to go in early yesterday due for another reason entirely…….
I gets the pile of paperwork that’s been “left” i’ll still working through it I gave up yesterday it gave me a headache…
I mean the system I have in place is simple.
Job comes in, job sheet filled out with Date, job number, name, address, postcode, phone numbers, what it is fault/quote /other, new or existing customer, alarm type (if it applies), space for problem / description of job and a few other bit if they need to be filled out.. I come back to about 20 nearly blank sheets, half assed filled out not impressed, at least they were able to open the job sheet spreadsheet and get the job numbers in sequence mind you they DID not bother to LOOK at the existing job sheet file or on the spreadsheet as I found a few “duplicated” sheets not impressed.
Now I have another sheet and a template that goes with it for invoicing now I explained and WROTE down what happens when an invoice is associated with a job it’s not just Invoice number XXXX any more it’s Invoice Number XXXX/Job number.. with the name and address of where it’s to go and the rest of the invoice filled out..
The invoices sent spreadsheet has all the invoices that have been sent out from about 2006 so we are up to a fairly highish number, now only thing i’ve not been able to do is get it to do on save of the spreadsheet to add a line in for that number (just incase I’m updating one) so I have to manually write this in and it thus gets the next free number.. I find a fucking duplicate don’t I oh and it’s not like the duplicates were done on the SAME day which could mean same time and thus not update the spreadsheet between them oh no fucking 10 days! I get it in the neck for other stuff as well… Things that well SHOULD have been SPOTTED oh about 7 fucking months ago when the timesheets were done for this year oh NO not spotted 😐 GFDIATH…
Woosah was said a lot yesterday and today as i get back into the groove.. Oh and I’m meant to ask if something’s been paid when I’ve been told that’s all the customer alarm renewal sheets back, all of them, I’m meant to ASK not the fucking BITCH that’s seen all the checks and has them in SAGE on her laptop… oh no I’m meant to ask, fuck off.. Communication is a 2 way thing, I only get shouted at for crap she should have double checked with ME at the time not waited..
I’m never taking 2 weeks off a fucking gain unless it’s when nothing needs to go out and no work needs doing then I’ll do it..
But hey I had fun, the back garden is all done, 12 60 liter bags of mini wood chips later, just got to try and find a good day to clean the greenhouse glass of all the green that’s on it, put up some trellising for the clematis for next year.
Oh and put some manure in the front garden and then some more back chips.
All in all I had fun and actually enjoyed doing it.
Between doing that and getting a jacket sorted for my sisters wedding this Saturday it’s been fun, yeah I’m glad to back at work (NOT!).

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One Response to Back to Work I guess

  1. Junebugg says:

    Do we work with the same people -sounds much like my coworkers

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