Well i’m now on day 2 of my 2 week vacation / holiday, call it what you may and well I’ve done a bit of work in the garden just like I said I would on my internal list – some people thought they needed to tell me off for not doing it, well they’ve been stressed and other people getting on their nerves doesn’t help..
I did 2 of the flower beds on Saturday afternoon after i came back from lunch and mowed the grass as well. I was out to lunch again on Sunday, well I took my godmother out as it was her birthday the day before and then I went on a long walk to work it off since it was a nice day. I did plan on doing more of the garden yesterday but the weather wasn’t being particularly nice so I wasn’t able to do much but I still found things to do..
Today I did managed to get out there for a few hours and i got 1 bed done, only 1 i hear you say well I wanted to make sure every god darn bit of chickweed and all the other weeds were gone and back chips were covering everything which they are…
Roll on tomorrow, when I need to be up early yet again..
Oh yeah I’m on holiday so I wake up between 6 – 7 am just like NORMAL, great.

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