Who am I?

That is a rather good question don’t you think…
Let’s see I’ll be 35 soon, I stay will my mum, always have really..
I’m really not one for going out at all.
I don’t smoke, I drink on a Friday / Saturday night IF i feel like it and can afford it.
I’m a quiet and shy person, happy to let others shine.
I was bullied at school since I was “bright”,”different” and yeah one of the smallest to boot.
I’m happy to help others.
I’m being the strong one for my mum and my sisters and everyone else who needs me.
I think I’m loosing my mind..
My day is wake up at around 7, get cup of tea and slice of toast for breakfast, check my e-mail and other stuff on my pc while eating breakfast, drive to work getting the paper on the way, work sometimes challenging sometimes not, drive home again, eat dinner, maybe watch the simpsons, grab a shower, sit at pc rest of the evening, go to bed and try to get to sleep maybe getting to sleep at 1am.
Saturdays I generally sleep a little later till maybe 10, shower, check e-mail (well clear the spam out), take mum to lunch then for the weekly shop, back home on the pc after putting shopping away making a cup of tea sometimes.
Sunday is like Saturday but with the lunch and shopping.
I do sometimes look after the nephew so Shopping is either done later on the Saturday or on the Sunday depends.

It’s all I see to have the inclination to do.

Ya think I need to get away from it all?

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One Response to Who am I?

  1. Junebugg says:

    Sounds like my day, except my son lives with me and I have to do all the housework, plus I spend as much or more time reading books (my escape) as I do on the 'puter . We both seem to be in a rut but I wouldn't know what to do about it. Sometimes I do manage to go out with friends but it's hard to manage what with working 50-60 hour weeks.

    Don't worry darlin', I still luv ya

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