Who listens to the listener…

Who listens to those who listen and help others out?
Who helps those who put others before themselves, hearts on sleeves and all that.
The quiet, shy ones, those willing to stay out of the light so others may shine.

I need help, I think I do – I’m not sure..
I was plucking up the courage to ask someone out when well someone else beat me to the punch, the trouble being they are also a friend of mine, and well you don’t steal your mates girl do you… I had to tell her though so she knows how I feel..
I see them “together” and it hurts, between that and the cold I have my emotional state is well “off”, just a little.

I need to open up more but well I’ve always been one to lock it away, no-one needs to know my problems they have enough problems of their own don’t they..

Just pray for me dear friends, just pray.

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One Response to Who listens to the listener…

  1. Junebugg says:

    Yeah, my luv life sucks as well. Seems that men my age don't want women my age. Well, those that have their lives in order. I've got tons of guys who just want someone to take care of them while they lie on the sofa and watch TV or hang out in the bars while I work.

    I've come to the decision that you have to love yourself before others can love ya. I have friends who love me, a good job, a loving family (even if the do expect me to help out all the time) and once in a great while someone comes along who I go out with, but haven't felt a connection in a long time. I must be doing something right because all my exes are still friends and even want to get togather sometimes but there's a reason they're exes.

    Hang in there, someday things will fall into place for the both of us

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