Evening All

Well I finally managed it, finally 685 quests completed in Kalimdor – Loremaster of Kalimdor completed and since I’ve done the Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, the Loremaster of Outland and the Northrend Loremaster acheivements already I can now use the title “Loremaster” 🙂 and I got a kick ass smart Tabard to go with it 🙂

Me happy bunny, had a “guildmate” help me, well I say guildmate but well I’m not in that guild anymore due to well a complete asshat who’s pissed me off once too often and well now apparently feels “bad” about me leaving, shame since I said “I won’t be back” and I won’t be no more “Ancient” guild for me… I have all the people I call “friend” on my in game friends list as well as various other places too so I can still reach them anytime.

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