Post Valentines Day Post

Well it was last Saturday but I kind of forgot to post then, lets see how exciting the past few weeks have been…
Well we have the new car, nice isn’t it.

Mother fell again, all I heard was the thud and she was at the bottom of the stairs having had her sleeping pill and had a few drinks 😐 she has been told that if she wants anything from downstairs to ask me and I’ll get it, she also decided to empty the dishwasher first..
Well she was all bruised but nothing major apart from what she had on her plate being all the way down the stairs it’s a light brown carpet and she had black cherry or raspberry yogurt, it’s been cleaned Today. So I spent the next day looking after her as she was all sore, this was after mother was told off by my lovely sister.
Ah Valentines day, well lets see I did lunch and shopping with mother and went bowling with the nephew that’s how exciting it got for me although I did cheer someone up by giving them a quick call – Hey Laura :)..
This week has been well crap as I’ve not been feeling brilliant actually make that the past fortnight it’s going..
There was a meeting hastily called on Wednesday that well didn’t go according to anyone else but MY plan, needless to say my sisters are trying to pin it on mother, saying she wanted the meeting, I don’t know who to believe anymore again. I don’t think that will surprise anyone, oh wait I know why I am so much like my father…
OH yeah baby you better believe that one, not a day goes by I don’t think about him in some way, well I look at myself and well I am my father’s double…
I’m slowly sorting stuff out in a way that helps me, just not fast enough for anyone else, but HEY TOUGH…

That is all..
I’m off to do “Lunch” and then shopping..

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One Response to Post Valentines Day Post

  1. Jen says:

    Nice car 🙂Sorry to hear about your Mum, hope she feels better soon. Funnily enough, since my Dad died I’ve realised just how much I’m like my Dad too!

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