Happy New Year 2009

Well folks it’s now 2009, not the 13th month of 2008 just so you know…
Hmm I got a few things for Christmas, not much but then again I wasn’t expecting much.

Christmas was interesting, I got to set up my nephew’s new TV so he could play his new PS 3.
It has plugged into it a PS3, PS2, Nintendo Wii, a PC and a Personal Video Recorder – Digital recorder with inbuilt tuner for Digital TV..
I said later on after I’d set it up as a “joke”, that the only reason I was here was to set it up, to which I was “TOLD”, “I could have set it up”, let’s just say that’s the last time I set anything up, I just “LOOKED” and went “Fine!” only to be told off once again for being “Moody!”.. Well fuck me… Whatever!.. That particular sister is starting to piss me off, well she did try and sell me her car, didn’t want it, did think about it more I thought the less I liked the car, she now has a newer one, So What.
I was working boxing day, off the weekend and working last week apart from New Years Day itself, that in itself was a first never had both off at work before.
Oh I’ve hit level 80 in World of Warcraft with my Mage, now due to other things I really won’t be playing him much, just to piss people off, well if other people in my guild will talk about me behind my back and have me demoted from officer the screw them. They gotta problem with me they should say to me direct, Never mind my loss in the end but well so what I just don’t care anymore may go find something else to do.

I know like reading the latest Kinsey Milhone book I got myself looks a corker with a really good twist, I mean she’s good but the other one is better and playing her at her own game!

Anyway dear reader,

Have a great 2009. I do hope you’ve not to much of a hangover :-P. I have a bottle of Bailey’s to open yet.

I have code to write and I think I’ll just go find some music to listen to while I do all that..

May peace be with you in you heart.


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