Holding it together even if a bit shaky

Well it’s getting towards that time of year again, Christmas :)….
Well I thought today I’ll go and get all the Christmas cards and start and get them ready to post out to my far away friends and their families. Yes I mean You dear reader, well many of you, some of you may read this and be disappointed that no card appears, I can hardly send a proper card to an e-mail address so some of you may end up with e-cards.
I was in my usual card shop getting cards, the boxes of card for friends, and the special ones for family. Well there I got smacked with it right in the kisser, “To Mum and Dad at Christmas” or similar and well it got me for a moment, I had a little cry to myself which thankfully no-one saw and composed myself once again when Slade – Christmas Time came on, that helped 🙂 a lot.

So dear friends, when your sending out your cards this year, remember those who’ve lost someone this year.

So across the miles, virtual or otherwise here a great big hug from me to you guys out there, keep on smiling.


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One Response to Holding it together even if a bit shaky

  1. Jen says:

    I know that feeling far too well 😦

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