Update: One Brave Teenager

Well someone has stepped forward and come up with the required money for the health insurance so Hannah can visit Disneyland and not have to worry about any medical bills
If I read the article correctly it up to 3 million pounds of insurance cover or maybe it was higher still..

In other news –
Apparently someone leaked the BNP members list – Ophs, I mean I can’t see why no-one would want people to know they are “members” of a party that well is Neo-Nazi in nature, hates non-whites, but is unfortunately a “legal” political party here but well shall we say certain professions ban you from being a member of it as it could possibly “color” your judgment, get it…

The Scandal of “Baby P” who was basically tortured to death by his evil twisted stepfather, his mother and a lodger they had staying with them it was “missed” by the local Social Services and it had been noted that social services did have chances to save the baby but no they sent it back for more torture as well “that’s the right thing to do” – Political correctness / EU Human right bollox are to blame and they are wondering why the “Public at large” are baying for their blood in this, even if they didn’t actually kill the baby, they should still hang their collective heads in SHAME, I mean a doctor examined him 2 days before he died and missed a broken spine..
The 4 or 5 involved in this are basically being very kindly asked to Resign..
There have been a few cases like this over the years so it proves that lessons learned from previous cases haven’t been learned at all..

Another “Scandal” is the government allowing the merger of HBOS with Lloyds TSB I mean with a little more cash injection from the government HBOS could have been kept independent but NO screw over the customers… If this all goes up “shit creek without the proverbial paddle” Mr Brown – my vote will go else where…
A little note here – I do have the power to vote him out of his parliamentary seat..

Whatever next…

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