Remberance Day / Veteran’s Day

90 Years seems a long time yet it’s 90 years to the day that World War I – The War to end all wars ended..
All the dead and those who fought in that war and the wars since ask for is once a year to fall silent for 2 minutes..
I again link in this beautiful and powerful song by Terry Kelly who actually saw someone totally ignore the kind call for 2 minutes to remember the dead..

2 minutes of silence is all they request,
2 minutes from your day once a year,
It’s a simple request, not a big ask is it?
For those who have fought and died,
For those who have fought and survived.
So that you and I can have the freedoms we have,
So that we have the rights to do what we wish.
They’ve fought and they’ve died so that we might be free,
They’ve fought and they’ve died so others might taste freedom.
2 minutes of time, is all that they ask.
2 minute is nothing, it’s a pittance of time.

To all the brave men and woman who’ve fought and died in all the wars and who are out fighting right now for other peoples freedom I salute you.
I was reading a story today about a solider who was hit by a rocket and as he was being treated ripped off the mask and demanded to go back out even although he was gravely injured, he didn’t make it and was posthumously awarded a medal for his selfless actions.
That’s just one of many stories I’ve read of bravery, often carried out without even thinking just done, they can say at least I tried to save the lads around me.

Lest we forget, some never stop fighting the war just remember that next time you see and old guy he might have fought in the war somewhere.
Just thank them for doing the job they signed up for, protecting the country they live in.

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