One Brave Teenager

I normally don’t write 2 posts in a day but this story touched me..
A 13 year old girl who had a rare form of leukemia diagnose when she was 5 and the resulting treatment left her with heart problems has won the right to die even although she could get a donor heart which would prolong her life.
She did so because she’d be on drugs the rest of her life to keep the immune system from rejecting the new heart and since she’s had to stop taking the other medication the leukemia could return, she stopped it as it would interfere with the pacemaker she has fitted.
The High Court ruled she was old enough to make her own mind up as she didn’t want have to beware the rest of her life that the leukemia could return and she’s sick of being in and out of hospital as well and has already defied the doctor’s by living longer than they said she would. She wants to stay at home and die quietly not tubed up in some hospital far away from home.
She has been offered a trip to Disneyland Florida IF she can find someone willing to cover the special travel insurance she’d need to fly with.
Hannah Jones your are brave beyond measure.
BBC News Link to the story.

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