Film Review : James Bond – Quantum of Solace

Hmmm what can I say about this film, opening titles so typical Bond, let’s just say I wouldn’t like to see the repair bill on the car, IF it was actually repairable – bullet holes, cracked windscreen, missing door, scraped paintwork oh but don’t worry Bond got the guys chasing him by shooting them and taking them out in style..
Now I had heard the title track music on the Radio many times and well it sounded okay if not a little quirky, Most if not all of the Bond Title music can be played and it sounds normal this just didn’t however it fits in perfectly with the titles.
Now on to the movie which basically follows right on from where Casino Royale left us.. With a dead MI6 agent, a “shadowy” organization who we know little about and have no idea how wide spread they are..
Bond gets to the bottom of it by pretty much kicking the info out of them, which of course doesn’t impress “M” very much although at times everyone is looking over their shoulder as it seems even MI6 isn’t immune to have this shadowy group in it’s midst – I mean they all come up clean on the security reports and yearly tests, so who’s not to trust them.
Of course it all unravels once Bond gets on the Inside track and well has a word with them that maybe just maybe they should pick some place a little less public – and well gets a few nice snaps as people leave.
High speed car chases, guns, girls it’s all in there, he calls in a few favours, goes semi-rogue although “M” always trusts him to know what he’s doing, even after having her collar felt by the Foreign Office…
All in All a good film – go see it, can’t wait to see what they have Bond doing next.

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