I got a networking issue..

Hmm my normal connection to the net is being temperamental, no not the actually connection from my modem to the net but the connection from this computer to said modem / router as it’s well dropping data packets which is normally not noticed but it does tend to slow things down a little or a lot depending on what I’m doing, most times i don’t notice it but been getting “this path is too deep” errors when transferring files across between pc’s or really slow transfers if using other tools. The one major thing where it’s extremely noticeable is when I go to talk to my guild mates on “ventrilo” as well my “ping” time goes from a nice 31ms, to well 15-16s i.e 15-16,000 ms and keeps going till all it says is “ping:” nothing else..
I’ve tried new network card – still the same.
I’ve tried different operating system to make sure it’s not the driver / OS that’s the issue – still the same..
I’ve tried another PC and put ventrilo on that – worked fine, proved connection was okay..
So I’m thinking it’s either the 10-15m cable I have installed or one or other of the ends which are machined on and I don’t got no ends so can’t easily replace them, also replacing them is a freaking royal pain in the ass.

So at some point soon I’m going to either have to replace the cable – easy enough just about as it runs the full width of the house, i.e full length of my room, into the cupboard up the wall into the attic and then along to the other end of the house to my modem/router, or do I get a wireless card and swap routers to a wireless one which I have got!

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