can we say ouch! update

Okay I tried the dentures in for 4-5 days but nope they ain’t working to smart, taking them out causes great pain as the right hand one of the 2 metal clips that are on it, that clip over existing teeth, digs into my gum pretty much right about where the tooth they put on that side is so thus chewing on that side isn’t much fun as the tooth jabs right into the jaw and well it’s freaking painful. I can’t really chew on the left either or rather I can it’s just a bind and well after a few moments of chewing using my tounge to move the food around as well It don’t wanna move too much it gets sore too..
Well soup, noodles, bananas and the occasional bites of actual real food meant it was a real bind…
So I’ve taken them out let them know it hurts like hell and I’ll try them again in a day or so i.e the weekend when i’m not eating so much got an adjustment appointment next week so we’ll see what that brings. Oh and the clip in the gum I think it’s scratched the gum..

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