Now it’s totally finished…

Well this is really just a short, short update to say yeah the house is now totally and utterly finished everything is in it’s place and as soon as I can I’ll try and put some photos up, pre / post.
I’ll warn ya now the pre ones are a bit scary and not for the faint hearted lol… It’s like if this was your house would you really wanna be here…

In other news, well work is work got everything in place for as much automation as possible I do hope..
I got most of it written down some place too incase I’m off.. I really should re-write it in a neater multipage format so anyone can take over if needed without having to call anyone, i.e me or the accounts manager as well she’s a pain in the ass and I’d get it in the neck for not explaining / leaving notes, probably will anyway but I’m not giving her a fucking excuse to be rude as fuck to me, only person who can get away with that is the boss, he never would be rude, not intentionally.
Oh yeah it’s someone’s birthday tomorrow as well..
So you may wish to slip over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday, I won’t say how old she is as well I’m too much of a gentleman for that.

So Peace out for now dear readers (oh and if ya do read me sometimes it’s nice to drop me a comment or an e-mail)

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