My Six degrees of seperation from

Once more with feeling.
Yes Folks I finally did it I think.
I went to visit Moogie then I hopped over to On the Go Mom then to Miss Zoot then onward to Below the Eight and ended up at the charming blog that is Once more with feeling.
I choose a link from my blogroll and then went randomly about I could have ended up anywhere with in the blogsphere on any blogspot, typepad or Movable Type Blog.
Moogie because she’s a cool lady :), On the Go Mom because well sounds so much like Moogie, Miss Zoot what can I say semi-random there as she transends being a cool mommy how she manages to fit it all in and how as she said did they reach the ages they have it’s like where’s the time gone. Miss Zoot, Moogie & “Mom” yeah time just vanishes when your having FUN, Below the Eight well what can I say Interesting Magazine article there for sure.
Finally on to Once More with Feeling, I remember an episode of Buffy called just that made me curious to see what it really was yeah life can seem like that you just wish sometimes you could do the same thing again with just a touch more feeling.

That is all, so pardon the “random” comments I may have left.

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