so what have I been upto then…

I know I’ve be some what complacent in regard to posting here and reading other peoples blogs, Laura sorry sweetie, Moogie, Barb, Carmi & a few others I do get around to reading yours eventually… Call it the 5hr time difference…
Well that the fact I can’t access it at work, the frown upon most things at work or rather due to the fact we connect through someone else’s BB link they have websense which locks down anything remotely FUN or that would give power to the users like computer security websites, forums etc..
Also I’ve been busy coding stuff for my DC team – Free-DC :D, I don’t know If I’ve mentioned this before but I will mention it now as I got suckered into helping a little then a little more and I’m loving it to be honest. Well except when something is missing that would make life easier or so I’d though until I got the missing part downloaded and installed – I mean the server we run on is in Arizona – Timezone “America/Arizona” now what I’m trying to do for 3 potentially different times is instead of it saying for example : Last Update: 06:14 July 20th, 2008 MST it says for me 11:14 July 20th, 2008 BST now I can get it to 11:14 July 20th, 2008 but it still says MST after it and one tiny part that is meant to allow me to convert from one timezone to another doesn’t appear to want to play nice and keeps telling me very politely that it can’t do that despite the fact I’ve looked at it and for all intents and purposes it’s correct ARGH!
I’ve done other things like drop in backgrounds in to stats
My Stats
See nice yes and also been redoing the layout of all the stats and adding themes and other little features that are fully configurable i.e you can set your theme, but only a few can actually change the themes around.
Well that and helping the poor guy who was basically doing it solo, the stats team is now 4 not 2 I’m learning as I go not hit the “big” stuff yet I’ll just keep with the front end prettiness thanks all the actually grabbing of the stats data, the parsing it into something we can work with, checking it against the data we already have and updating as required not been there yet as I’ve never dealt with the language involved before, PHP + MySQL is bad enough along with a bit of linux command line stuff, Secure FTP / Secure SHell windows keeps me on my toes…
Well the house is coming along, we’ve stopped for a week just because well it was decided it was best.
Back to it next week…
Oh well that and I’ve been playing World of Warcraft some more as well as new game (well to me) called Command of Heroes – World War II style game where all I will say is the language is “Adult” – the polite version is “let’s throw a grenade at them” … “Let’s give them a ****ing pineapple…”
Anyway back to giving things a bit of a chill – flash fried and quick frozen to death… I love being a frost mage.

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