2 down, 4 to go

Okay folks I am alive, just been a bit busy last weekend as well it all came together finally well just about.
Sitting room is finally done and dusted although the decorator we got in temporarily won’t be getting back as he patched the wallpaper badly, let’s just say I could have done a better job at the patching as it don’t match wouldn’t be so bad if it was like in a corner where it wouldn’t be seen but this is in the middle of the wall. Never mind it will get fixed. I put the new lights up, side lights went up no problem, went to put new centre light up only to discover that one of the lampshades was missing and another had a crack in it, I THOUGHT SOMEONE was supposed to have CHECKED all them, and the receipt is somewhere “safe” thankfully was able to return it for a direct replacement which is now up and looks good. Carpet fitter was in on Friday so the carpet is down in there as well as the stairs so I can actually go up and down stairs without this horrible echo of creaky wooden stairs. Saturday saw the arrival of the new furniture so now we have a comfortable place to sit down, dining room table and chairs sits nicely in one corner, a glass display cabinet in another and new matching TV stand in a third. So all in all done and dusted. I had to escape on Saturday thought as well I needed to swap the light and I did a little shopping to boot 😀 Yeah me practicality.
Sunday well that was Bowlplex once more as nephew wanted to go and always asks me just as he’s leaving to go home, if I can take him :|… I won but I managed to lose a nice brown top I had in there somewhere, must phone and find out if it’s been found yet.

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