Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian

Went to see this Thursday night and by the time I came home I was too tired to actually post about it, yesterday – no let’s just leave that where it is..
It follows on roughly 1300 years after the the children left Narnia where it appeared only a short time had passed in the real world. 1 Year on in their time and they are awaiting the train, however someone had been given hold of Susan’s fabled horn, and told only to use it when he felt in grave danger.
So Prince Caspian not knowing any better when he meets his first Narnian blows the horn, of course on the sight of the horn the 2 Narnians he encounters know what it is and defend him (after knocking him out for his own safety), and Susan, Edward, Peter and Young Lucy get dragged back to Narnia and wonder where they are, it’s as usual left to Lucy and Edward to figure it all out.
The arrive back at “Cair Paravel”, the palace they once ruled over Narnia with and they soon set out to find out what’s going on after getting their battle gear,
King Peter the Magnificent with his sword and shield, King Edward the Just with his sword, Queen Susan the Gentle with her bow and arrow and Queen Lucy the Valiant with her deadly little dagger and bottle of Fire Flower which can heal the gravest of wounds.
They do bump into Caspian and well Peter kinda kicks his but when they battle, they soon realise he’s the one that called them and it’s game on to get the status qua back as Prince Caspian should by all rights be dead, since his scheming Uncle Miraz now has a son and heir to the throne and thus can declare himself King.
They all return to the Castle Prince Caspian escaped from since well most of his Uncles forces are out looking for him and the others so it will be an easy task..
Which it’s not, the prince does manage to rescue his tutor who gave him the horn in the 1st place, but it’s at a loss.
Everyone is now wondering where Aslan is but we are reminded nothing happens the same way twice, The White Witch makes a brief appearance when prince Caspian is tricked by her old right hand dwarf and almost comes back but this time Edward stops her.
There is a good battle after this and it could be compared to the great battle from the second of the Lord of the Rings films and just like that one, Aslan roars in and wakens up the trees as it’s time which then proceed to destroy some of the war machine. There is more than this but why spoil it all..

Over all this is a good film, death count is up but once again done without all the blood and gore. Oh and I will say I love “Reepicheep” he maybe a mouse but has a heart as big as Aslan himself oh yeah and him and his mates kick butt 🙂

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