And Then . . .

And then there was a week where 0 happened…
Serious 0 happened last week, the decorator appears to be MIA somewhere else, didn’t book him so can’t confirm or deny he actually said he’d come but I have his number it will be getting called. Mum does know all this as she did ask and I don’t lie to mum it’s not needed. The “Twins” are buying the house they go see the bank et al tomorrow about it all, but from the looks of it they get the mortgage I pay the bloody thing as well as food etc.. fair hell no but I am totally and utterly past caring bloody more anymore…
They said it will be between this and that, and this will happen and if this happens we’ll discuss it at the time,etc., etc. I went “fine” in a pissed off tone.. I was told “.. well you had the chance to buy it, we didn’t think you wanted to so we’re buying it.”. I went “fine” to that too..
Oh and after 15 yrs then it’s their “profit” time unless I’ve bought them out so to speak blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!
Oh they’ve figured out I’m pissed off at the painter not arriving but apprently he’s been called 4 times and no return calls…
I’d put up some pics but I don’t wanna depress you dear, dear reader any more.
Home, lol it’s anything BUT.

Oh yeah and Magners Cider is very, very nice ice cold, It goes down even smoother…
I might need to restock it maybe..

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