And so it Ends, yet so it Begins I think!

Ok time for that weekly update, I will dear reader try to post more, I know, I know I keep saying that!
Okay so what’s begins and what’s ended I here you say…
Well my dear colleague at work has decided she no longer wants to be my friend, her loss, more later this is the summary paragraph. As to the begins well the painter is meant to be starting this week but I just found out today he doesn’t know all the paint that’s to be used ARGH!

Ok, now on to the reasoning behind the ending, I tell you this it’s petty to say the least, she picked the wrong night to annoy me is all I will say. Now last Monday we were meant to go out and see the new “Indian Jones” movie, which I saw today with my nephew and his friend, well I needed to spend quality time with him and it was either a movie or bowling, and believe you me bowling was out. Anyway back to point, I send my now ex-friend a text message saying I still had a bit to do in the house and I wanted it done for the painter coming in or words to that effect, it’s not like she’s not called off nights out before, see a few previous posts for that. Well I actually did nothing on Monday as after work I was totally shattered having worked quite a long day on the Sunday, all weekend was work. I had said the movie was “on hold” meaning we could reschedule for a later date, I was thinking of today for that but that was blown totally! Now I had said this to her, that I was sorry but I had too much to do and I actually ended up doing nothing. Friday it all comes out, I was tired and she comes out with something like you should try a weekend shift in here and well then goes on about how she was looking forward to seeing the movie on Monday and how it put a damper on her day (or something like that), I went “Now you know how I felt!” real close and to her face……
Of course this got the exact reaction I expected, yeah she’s that predictable, I got
that it wasn’t very nice and that’s she’s always given me a days notice if she wasn’t going to be able to make it, well that’s Bollocks for a start, I’ve seen me ready to head out the door when my phone’s went for her to cancel!! I have went myself a few times as I’ve really wanted to see the film in question, anyway later on I check my phone and see 2 messages, 1st message read Bye, let’s just keep this professional or something like that basically friendship over, her loss… 2nd message was a sorry for what she said earlier, I reply as it was the later message I think with okay, you mean the “Bye” message, I get back “No, not that and don’t phone me at Home!”, I went “okay, this will be the last text message I send to you”, done and dusted. I mean as I was driving home, my phone goes it’s my “colleague” I had put one of the phones in the office on divert to another basically got a few phones in the place some It’s okay to divert others it’s not advisable to divert, we got main office phone + 5 other phones for various things. Now it’s simple enough to divert / remove divert it’s a standard code followed by extn / external number , I had one phone diverted to the main phone and got a call on how to cancel it. I “blinked” at this, I went it’s as the same code as you use to divert it after you’ve come back in the office, she went on about it would be hard later on when she went to lock up and had to divert the phone to the mobile we got, I shook my head at this, and NO she’s not blonde, if she was she could be forgiven….

Now onto the “beginning” or is it, I have no actual idea if the painter is starting this week or not as like I said he don’t know what all the paint colours he needs, Why oh WHY could someone not have told me this LAST week and this could have been all sorted out, Freaking Secret service would be less trouble. Oh that and well my sister who arranged it all hasn’t actually heard from him a start date, can you believe that… If he don’t freaking start tomorrow or Tuesday I think I go “nucking futs” at someone, and dear reader can ya blame me.

Okay now onto what else has been happening since my last post.
Well like I said the laminate flooring in the upstairs hall was “okay” but i felt it floated around a bit as well dear dad had fitted it under the skirting and some if not all of the walls have nothing really at the bottom to stop anything just going on, result the boards could move about. I took it all out and relaid it with the correct bits to go under the doors, although I had to modify them so the fitted right. That’s almost done as I did that yesterday and today mainly all the boards had to be cut a slow task as some had cut outs to go around the woodwork / pipework, just need to trim a few more boards and I’m done it will be all tight and won’t move well it will at the stairs but I need speak to the carpet fitter and see what he’s doing so I can get the right part for there. Kitchen is done, I’ve not checked a few of the windows as I think they are all sanded enough to be painted, will find out soon enough, well maybe :P. I do know that the 2 bedrooms are fine as is the living room.
I did take Monday off and who can blame me I worked non-stop last weekend, just like I did this weekend I stopped last night at 11pm this was from about 10am, did some shopping, put washing on, did some of the floor, dumped all the bags of wall paper I had kicking about, lost count of the number of these, a lot is all I can say, back to the floor, ate, floor till 11pm – it was dark and I was screwing up, I’ve managed to cover up the few screw ups – not really my fault just seems strange I measured it very accurately and was too short sometimes :(. Well Wednesday was a fun morning, we’d arranged an uplift of stuff that was going out and well no-one had told me it needed to go out on Tuesday night so it had to go out Wednesday morning, before breakfast had been eaten as well and before “Tea” had even touched my lips! Well we also had the council in to replace the kitchen ceiling as water had leaked through it and it had black mold on it not nice at all! Nice new ceiling now. Finished the Kitchen between Thursday and Friday nights. I’m taking the week off as I don’t think I need to do anything next week at home.
Oh and I persuaded mum to stay away another week, “brownie” points to me..

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