Sunday Update

Remember how I said all that needed doing was the kitchen after I’d finished the spare room erm well I found out the spare room ceiling was being redone as well as the paint / paper was cracking so off it came slowly got most of it yesterday. The top landing ceiling was to come off as well, this basically leads down the stairs now thankful (or rather unthankfully there was a “false ceiling” put in at some point so as to make it easier to paper the ceiling it’s either that or you have a piece of ceiling which is about 12 ft high to try and get to and paper not easy at all, now thing was the ceiling looked loose or rather one part did as you could move it with you hand like it just needed renailed but of course had to check behind it to find where to put the nail and see……..
Well erm at some point many, many years ago the council put insulation in the attic, not the standard yellow coloured “glass wool” insulation you see, this was what looks like recycled shreaded paper – great insulator / noise killer, anyway at some point or other, before / after someone must have put their foot through the ceiling right near the top of the false ceiling (perhaps the reason it was done), anyway of course you can imagine what’s happened quite a quantity of this paper stuff had fallen in. We took it off to have a look end well, 4 bags + a load in the bin later, we had cleared it away, of course dust everywhere because it was that fine.
So today I spent doing a little bit of ironing either that or no shirt, trousers for work tomorrow, finishing off the ceiling in the spare room, sweeping all that into a black bag. Doing the same to the top landing ceiling so those are all done.
Now all that is left is the kitchen and all I now need to do is check all the windows are sanded down sufficiently to paint it. Oh yeah and I noticed the laminate flooring upstairs needs looked at as some of it has moved – need to nail it down and get the right bits for doorways so that it all looks nice since it just had metal strips down from when there was carpet everywhere and not carpet one side laminate the other.

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2 Responses to Sunday Update

  1. Joyce says:

    Hello to Scotland. Never been there, but would love to. I live in Oregon – West coast of the U.S.

  2. Joyce says:

    So sorry. Meant to say “Michele sent me”.

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