This is the week that was..

Okay update time, I suppose.
A zen like peace is now in session, well I had to turn the music down it is late :p.
Mother arrived safe and well down south and has been relaxing all week, mainly sleeping but hey she needed it, she’s off to another cousin’s tomorrow for a week then to my aunt’s for a week and we’ll see what happens from there. Oh yeah my cousin after she called on the thursday phoned my sister and erm had a go (well she’s allowed, mum is her godmother after all:D), with one of my other cousins helping out, it isn’t a good idea to upset that cousin, I was glad I was sitting down when I was told this as I was laughing so hard, she did say mum looks a lot better now gone is the “someone’s given me a black eye” look so result :). I cried at that but don’t tell anyone..

My week has been interesting.
Saturday – took out and put back the fire surround thing once I had taken away all the bits of wallpaper from behind – I then proceeded to clear the whole wall with help of a mate.. Sisters turned up 1 after the other sort of. “Thinking out loud” in the kitchen as to how to re-arrange it, I said “no” often, till they gave in. It might not seem functional but I like it the way it is and I can work in it even if those 2 can’t, oh and they did try and throw stuff out that “wasn’t any use” (to them). It was put back and the place re-arranged so I can work it.
Sunday did the shopping and sanded down mum’s bedroom – which I’ve discovered needs looked at as it’s not working 100% it sticks not good.
Monday – back at work and thus I couldn’t be bothered doing anything so just chilled.
Tuesday – busy (ish) at work so again chilled out I just think I needed the “space” even if mate did come round.
Wednesday – Work and Invaded as older sister did say she’d be down I said just do the bottom hall as it’s not much and that will do. Other sister decides to come down afterwards and work clearing the paper off the stairs – I finished it AND tidied up..
Thursday – Work and I finished the top hall off as well as the bit not done on the stairs, thank god the ceiling is being re-papered as half of it has come off (it’s bleeding woodchip – whoever invented that paper needs shot it’s cheap, nasty and a swine to remove).
Friday – Work, yeah the WEEKEND! did some work on the spare room to clear it and did about 30% of the room will do the rest tomorrow and hit the kitchen on sunday as that is all that is left really.
Next week – double check it’s all been done, touch up sanding etc..
Result I think..

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