I don’t know what’s more stressful right now work or home..

Right now I don’t honestly know what’s more stressful…
A) Work – trying to figure out where each invoice I have listed in the system is and what it pertains to as well all I have is Invoice number,a name as the descriptor and create date, all is fine and well but how am I supposed to tell the invoice for a call out charge, a repair of a system, the replacement of an alarm or the general annual maintenance internal invoices when the file name is just the name who it’s went to!
ARGH, I mean I’ve got to try and figure out who’s paid for their maintenance this year and thus need to have their alarm service but I’m STRUGGLING to understand the electronic filing system that’s been employed as nothing adds up… The JOYS!
B) Home – the walls are bare, the floors are bare, decorator coming in 2 weeks, walls look smooth enough to me to paper onto for me oh that and I’m going to have to try and figure out how the FUCK I’m going to fix a light in the bathroom that’s been knocked out due to BITCH 1 being over zealous when she was taking the paper off the ceiling – ARGH! It’s so bad , I’m booking mother on a flight down south to visit my cousin for a while, then my aunts etc. Still don’t know when she wants to go as she needs to sort a few things out 1st. I am also at the end of my tether any more and I’m just gonna blow and things will get freaking messy.
Sisters who the FUNK would have them, mine I wouldn’t give them to my worst enemy, yeah they are that bad!
Where did I put the prozac…

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One Response to I don’t know what’s more stressful right now work or home..

  1. Carmi says:

    I SO very much feel your pain re. your sisters. Into adulthood, siblings, it seems, can either be your best friends or your worst enemies. I’m sad to say I relate to your predicament all too well, as I come from a family where everyone looks out for their own interests and no one seems to have learned the concept of empathy.Sad, really, but after trying to right the wrongs for so long, my wife and I have simply given up trying. Morons aren’t worth pursuing.Good luck with your albatrosses! You deserve better.

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