Update time

Okay so what has happened since my last actual post (the 2 below they are side notes).
Well let me see, in no particular datal order.
I’ve been to the Dental Place – they went to try and fix the tooth I said was bugging me and they can’t fix it really it will have to come out or it will give me more grief. So I’ve to book another appointment and get an impression taken so that I can have that tooth and a few others that are now missing (darn sweet tooth of mine, well that and forgetting to brush sometimes).
So yeah basically I’m gonna end up with a few teeth that ain’t my own – lovely.
Remember the house, well there is defiantly no wallpaper left or carpets they have all gone. There was a wardrobe that I was going to take to pieces and bring down but I never got that chance, FUCKING impatient BITCHES sorry sisters of mine decided not to wait even although the arranged collection date was oh a week away, all the stuff to be picked up was picked up last Wednesday, they needed it out so out it came but it would fit around the corner of the stairs so they basically destroyed the handrail, spindles and baseplace on one side of the stairs, so they could get this thing out, it went out in bits. Now I’m having to replace that as well, was hoping not to just sand it down so it could be painted but NO!!! I think you can imagine the sort of anger level I hit at when I saw it.
Oh and I get this bullshit about “picking sides” again, when will those 2 learn I’ve picked already but they are too stupid to notice.
On another note, the new carpets are picked and mum went back to the place she’s getting her new suite from and saw a few items she like that were exactly as she wanted..

Oh yeah speaking of things mum likes, I was asked to go pick some stuff up on the way home one day from the local Argos, I just managed to fit it in the car, it was bit tight shall we say. I had the next day off due to car getting a new sump fitted, well £ 194 later it was done..
Anyway I’m at home and the rest of the Argos order arrives and I’m like What the freaking hell is all this doing here, oh that and mum’s not pleased either.
They had ordered a new dinner service (we hated the cups), new kettle n toaster set – we can never get a toast that toasts just right it’s either black/deep brown or white instead of the golden colour we like – don’t need either of them. Bread bin – we got one of them and it’s useable, also to match it tea, coffee & sugar containers – both went back no need for them. Black Marble place mats – I was like erm “NO” – sent back as mum didn’t like at all. New Cutlery to go with it all – looked shit. This was all put up the stairs out the way, it was then brought back down put in the sitting room by my older sister, younger one had to go pick up le brat I mean the nephew, she then Stormed out – toys out the pram style, bank card was handed back with words like “there so you can accuse me of stealing your money!”, done in a not very nice way really. It was all done to fact that all the stuff was bought but no receipts were ever given to my mum so she could see how much she was spending, I now have all of them, the stuff went back to Argos and the money is back in the account.
I’ve got around to sanding down the woodwork that needs doing so that it can be painted and I’ve sourced a new hand rail, base rail, spindles – I just need to get them from the shop home, they won’t fit in car, 2.4m long no way, going to have to work that one out.
The decorator will be here at the end of the month.
Oh the weather this week wasn’t too bad – pity all the good stuff happened while I was stuck in the office… was around low 70’s all week, weekend it rained.
Work however is good.

Gordon signing off.

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