Echoes in the dark

I picked up a big notebook I’d not used in a while and stumbled across this, written a few years ago now but true.
For I am forever balancing the light and the dark.

Echoes in the dark

Silent voices echo in my mind,
Echoing in the spaces between heartbeats,
Sometimes saying something, often saying nothing,
Different voices, echoes of joy, fear and lonelyness.
People all around, yet still alone,
Words been spoken without meaning,
Words been spoken without thought,
Words hurting like dagger wounds,
Hurting like ice to the soul
Fragmented the soul becomes,
Broken,yet safe and alive.
One tiny hope, a ray of light,
A light to lead the way,
But to where to be lead to and for what?
A voice cries out in the darkness,
Alone, you race ahead, hoping to save,
You come across the Abyss,
It’s so dark, deep and yet soothing.
That voice again, this time telling you something,
You strain to hear, almost falling into sweet oblivion.
It’s at that point you realise, it’s yourself,
A soul pleading, don’t give in be strong.
So here I walk the line,
The line between darkness and the light,
The eternal edge of the blade.

Voices still echo,
Echo in the night, in the space between dreams.
It’s a battle, never won, never lost.
An eternal battle between the light and the dark.
In the shadows I must remain, ever twilight.
Looking into the abyss and laughing, knowing enough
Knowing enough to know,the abyss shall never claim me
And so the battle goes on…

(c)Me 2005

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