The ups, the downs and the downright strange aka My Week

It’s been a while I know, I should post more often but I don’t.
So what’s been going on since my last post well the house is looking like it’s been hit by high winds, there is paper missing everywhere, few rooms / areas have escaped the carnage that is my 2 sisters the seem hellbent on redoing the house how they want it, my mom god bless her is having none of it, she is saying no when it matters :). The kitchen ceiling is a mess at least one panel of plasterboard will need replacing if not 2. The spare room is now just that it looks sparce as well erm the carpet has been lifted, some furniture removed I think even the bed is gone although not sure on that one I’d have to look again and I’m not going to do that just yet. My room is escaping for the simple reason I said my room is fine, leave well alone! (or else) the or else being that well let’s just say I can be what can only be termed “a right ass” and I could also change the locks, evil ME…
Anyway enough about the house and on to the rest of my week.
Last Saturaday I was invited out to Dundee to a mates birthday celebratory pub type crawl, not a proper pub crawl just we seem to hit a few of them is all..
It started off so well, The first one was a “Dundee FC” pub and Queen of the South had just beat them that afternoon and I went Oh yeah Queen of the South they did well against Aberdeen in the Cup…. my mate Dazz goes “this is a Dundee pub and they just got beaten by Queen of the South”, I went “okay, new pub time :D”..
We then hit the balcony bar which was a nice little place quiet just the way I like it, of course we seemed to managed to have the one guy who was drunk already wander to our table, I mean by wander he had to get up some stairs and round the corner minding to duck as there is a beam about 6ft of the floor just around the corner, I love been short :D. We then went to “Starz” yeah with a Z everything that should have ended in an S ends in a Z in this place, it was okay the music was just about bareable then on comes this “muzak” and the DJ signing over it and stuff so we erm left and went to Dazz’s “Local” which turned out to be a very, very fine Irish Pub with a brilliant Guitarist / Singer who well let’s just say he’s not very PC with the songs. Was ace, oh and through all this I only drank cola as I was driving home, next time I’m arranging for a bed someplace so I can drink.. That was the “up”
The “down” well that was pretty much “work” Monday to Wednesday.
Monday the boss and the “other” boss was in, stuff came in, I forgot to “Fax” copies to the other office as I thought copies had been taken – No.
Should have figured this out and faxed them Tuesday. Wednesday was a total downer – faxed the stuff only after I got asked if anything had come in…. šŸ˜ and did that technically I wasn’t meant and “broke” it or appeared to break it…
Thursday was strange the “broke” thing unbroke but then discovered other stuff that was broke late on, much of strange day – I love re-writing procedures so they all make sense and are all in the same layout not 20 different ones IN CAPS, bold, non-bold etc.. So I’m still freaking copy/pasting them into one document god bless “paste as unformatted text” which saves me all the hassle well a little – I still gotta reformat stuff like page titles and that.
Other Strange things this week include mum goes to new this and that and not actually bothering about the cost of it.
Oh and one last thing – I booked my checkup appointment at the local “Dental Access Place” – I can’t find a dentist (well not really looked hard as well erm yeah that kinda thing) and now one of my other teeth is starting to give grief ARGH!

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