The ending of a chapter…

Well that’s it over and done with, dad’s in heaven now. The service was lovely minister did us proud, reminding us of how he was, not how he was at the end. So many faces I haven’t seen in years were there but ask me who was and I could tell you all I can tell you is maybe just about who came to the buffet we had afterwards I think a few came to the service but then left, possibly out the other door I don’t know. I was fine all through the service even when the closed the curtain, it was a cremation you see. I was holding it together real well then they sang the “Old rugged cross” I think I got about 2 words out and that was it, how I stayed upright I don’t know only way I can think was God was holding me up, my mum couldn’t sing it either we just stood holding on to each other…
So this is the end of the chapters of my life that feature my dad and on to chapters new where he’ll still feature but just as a shadow..

Dad, thank you for giving me life, and the never ending curiousity for how things worked as it helped me so much and it defines who I do things I take a problem pull it apart see how it works or doesn’t put it back together again as a solution, that and many other things besides..

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2 Responses to The ending of a chapter…

  1. Barb says:

    My Dear Scottish Friend,Keep holding on to all the good that was your Dad. He will always be with you, and with others as you speak of him. You, breathing his name, gives him life for all of us.Know that you are loved. Know that you are hugged so tight from far away. Know that there is always a warm shoulder and a friendly ear here for you in the fine state of Washington.Barb

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