It’s Friday and I’m again not out anywhere….

I was meant to be going to see “Vantage Point” but my friend called off not at the last minute but 1st thing this morning when she came into the office. Now her excuse, she didn’t think she had enough time to get enough sleep as she’s got an appointment with the optition to see if she’s suitable for laser eye surgery so she don’t need to wear glasses anymore. Due to what they will do in the eye exam she can’t drive in as her vision might end up a bit blurry for the rest of the day it’s a morning appointment but she said she’d need to get up at like before 8 to get from her house to where the appointment is in time and she needs her beauty sleep…
The film was due to start at 8:50pm, it’s 2hrs or there about call it 2 1/2 once you add trailers – that would be 11:20pm take her maybe 40 minutes to get home so home around midnight – she needs her 8 hrs! so that’s out, We are going to see “The Spiderwick Chronicles” and “Vantage Point” on Sunday – If I can get away with it… very few things will stop me, not even the “guilt card” of looking after nephew will work anymore, although I don’t think my sister realizes this yet, she will however, how soon is another matter…
Oh my dad is okay, he’s was a little sleepy yesterday when I was in but he had had a lot of visitors in yesterday. Today of course is a different matter they’ve adjusted his meds and it’s helping although he’s a little bit disorentated and sleepy which is too be expected of course did he not try and go to the bathroom and misjudged getting out of bed, well rather fell out of bed and give himself a few bruise but he’s fine.
More tomorrow night after I visit him.
Oh and speaking of sleep I think I’ll go grab some given it’s MIDNIGHT.

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One Response to It’s Friday and I’m again not out anywhere….

  1. Laura says:

    Get some SLEEP!!!!

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