Situation: Vacent!

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NO not really, but well it kinda does sum up roughly, approximately where I am at present.
That place is somewhere, at least I’m sleeping a bit better (without pharmaceutical help). My dad was transfered to a hospice within the local hospital to give mum some much needed “space” my dad is a pain in the ass normally but now he is more so, he went in on Monday morning. We had to call the doctor in on Sunday,he was given an injection of some description I wasn’t there but we had to get a neighbour in to carry him to bed as he really couldn’t walk. I was actually able to get a fair amount of sleep last night so it’s helping me as well. Mum is doing better so it’s helping the only thing is I’ll have to make sure she really limits any drinking she does late at night as well between the pills she has been given and the alcohol she ends up cooking stuff and then the next day not realising she done it, she doesn’t burn anything and it tidy enough so she’s aware at the time.
Oh and this is just a thanks to all of you who are taking time even if just a moment to think of my family, me I’ll be fine, just pray for my parents.
On a lighter and brighter note it appears that the bone headed one aka my sister is talking to my mum again they had a long conversation the other day and it seemed to work.

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