I guess it’s meant to be

Okay now this is a strange one, anytime I’ve went to be like served some place I seem to get someone called Laura, no seriously i do. I went into the bank at the end of last month to put in my pay check who served me some lovely young woman called “Laura”, and again today in McDonalds I was served by a Laura, actually it didn’t matter what queue I took I would have been served by a Laura yeah they had 2 on the tills – very bizarre, I think it’s God’s way of telling me something and yeah I hear ya I get the message.
So I guess I’m going to have serious look into getting my passport and seeing how much it will cost and what I need etc.
I know this post seems a little random but that is me of late random, more so due to slight lack of sleep over the past week, oh and my sudden liking for Morgan’s Spiced and coke,ice optional. The lack of sleep thing I’m still trying to figure out falling asleep around oh 12:30am dispite going to bed early enough like 11pm, waking up around 4:30am then again at like 5:50 then getting up at 6:30 to get ready to head out the door..
I did it again this morning only it was 6:30 and not 4 yet I did need to be up at 7:30 so I could go look after nephew who my sister seems to think I’ve abandoned, I haven’t I just have to fit work, sleep, eating, cooking and the other stuff I have to do + “ME” time, so something has to give.
I mean let me see he had “canoing” with his scout group today, I got to know yesterday but only after I sent a text asking if the Football was still on or not as he had a match supposed to be today which got canceled due to erm a little gallon or 50 of rain. I did really stop all day, drank tea and maybe sat down for 5 minutes while waiting to get going but that was it really. After I got back from looking after “the brat”, I cooked dinner and then went shopping, was told “if you get the same thing every week why don’t ya order it online”, well I’m sorry I’m one for actually going round and visually remembering what I need besides it’s “my space”.
So all in all from 7:30am to around 7:30pm I didn’t stop..
It’s now 1am, I’m just about ready to “crash”..
Oh and on another note, my dad isn’t very well he’s picked up a chest infection and well between that and the stuff he’s taking he’s erm “seeing things”, so not good also because he’s not really moving his bony ass his feet are starting to swell up :|, I’ll see what I can’t do about that, probably not a lot but we’ll see.
Oh and my sister are trying to buy the house, and I can either go in or not if not I pay them “rent”!!!! I may as well pay the freaking morgage myself as they probably cripple me money wise, fuck ’em both – they say they aren’t being evil, yeah RIGHT!

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