It’s a little better now..

Well it’s a little better now the thing still annoys slightly but I was told it would for the next few days as for Jack n Capt. M. well I do like ’em both shame I can’t think of a way to combo them in a glass with something else – 1 drink and you probably wouldn’t care much about anything 😛 that reminds me of a time I thought hmm time to finish off the last of this Czechoslovakia plum brandy I had, how did I get that a good friend of mine used to go out with a girl from the country – she was a little crazy to say the least, anyway he brought back some “shop” stuff and some “Home made” stuff, the shop stuff was tame, the home made stuff hmm nice, just don’t burp afterwards. Anyway back on topic, I did have some “WKD Blue” – it’s basically a premixed vodak based drink – tastes bubblegum / raspberryish I just felt like I needed a change so I went to a mate who was erm “helping me out” in drinking ’em – let’s erm mix these too shall we.. Well you can mix WKD aka WicKeD with port to make what is called around here as “Cheeky Vimto” because it would have the colour of vimto but a major kick. Anyway this had a kick a major one – we had enough for one glass each – believe me that was enough… I really didn’t care much after that.
I do like experimenting but not with too many different drinks in a night that tends to end up BAD…

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