Ouch, ouch, hmm concentration level 0 – well that was last night, I did manage to sleep how I don’t now – I think I can thank 400mg Ibuprofen for that numbed it enough.
I phoned my dentist or the one I thought I was still registered at – well if the don’t deregister you after so long 😦 I mean I’ve not seen a doc in god know but I know I can go and see him if I need to.
So got another number to phone and I got an emergency appointment this afternoon for them to have a look, it’s a “student place”, the dentist I got looked like the boss dude, he knew what he was doing, nice enough guy.. He had a look said well there are 2 options either I can remove the filling and kill the root but there really isn’t much tooth left to work with and the tooth behind had broken anyway or he could remove them both which is what I said to do. So right now I’m sitting here with half my face de-numbing and the pain starting to kick in a little. Salt water mouthwash for me tonight.
Now this is what I get for years of forgetting to brush my teeth, after the fillings I knew they were screwed anyway.

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2 Responses to Toothache

  1. Wahwer says:

    Poor thing… haven’t you heard the expression “better living through pharmaceuticals”???OK– better living with Captain Morgan’s & Coke (sipped from the non-owchie side of your gums). Stuff works MIRACLES, lol…Hope you’re feeling better ASAP ~

  2. Barb says:

    Ouchie! You have my sympathy AND my empathy! Wahwer’s got a good point… although I think Jack Daniels would be my post op pal…Hugs and jello,B

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