Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again. What you mean you didn’t know, you been living in a cave for the past month. If you’ve forgotten it might not be too late you know might just be able to get something.
Now it’s all lovey dovey today is it not, it’s the day your suppose to tell someone you really care about deeply that maybe it’s more than care deeply you know maybe whisper those 3 words that although sound really easy to say “I” simple enough, “love” doable I mean you could be saying I love Pizza, “you” is easy too but put all three together and it becomes something exponentially greater than the sum on it’s parts, it’s a powerful statement.
So maybe today just read this and then go snuggle up to that special someone if you can do something you wouldn’t normally do today for your partner, you don’t need to go all expensive, sometimes it’s just the thought that’s gone into whatever you give that counts truely. If you can’t be with that special someone a call, an e-mail with a pic maybe or a video clip or just something. You never know you just might make someone’s day.

Wait I hear you cry what If I like someone but they don’t know how to do I do that, cards, either real or e-cards (if you got their e-mail address), some places do allow anon maybe, even if you think they suspect you like them a little more than just a friend. You just never know they maybe like you a lot too but are afraid to admit it.
You never know who you might find, you just might find the one person in all the world that you just connect with at so many different levels, soul mate why because they can just somehow touch you and touch your soul even without actually physically touching you, it’s one of those things that is so hard to explain you just know when it happens. It’s the kind of person who you just need to think about and you feel relaxed or you talk to them and your trouble seem to melt away. It is the most surreal, superb and incredibly strange feeling or set of feelings you’ll ever have.
I’m kinda feeling that way right now as I write this, I am thinking of one person, they know who they are, as do a few others that read here, okay probably most of my readship truth be told but I’m a private kinda guy.

So Sweetie

Happy Valentines Day.

P.S. Yes people this is a kinda fudged post but hey it’s actually hard to write this you know.

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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day

  1. Barb says:

    Preach it, Brudda G!Can’t expect people to be mind readers… gotta let ’em know how you feel. If it’s an honest feeling, it’s not going to hurt a thing. And, like you said, “you never know…”Tomorrow might just be too late.

  2. Jen says:

    I happily ignored it as life’s busy enough as it is, but I hope your day worked out ok 🙂Not been about much all week, long story.

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